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I’ve been loving Morgan Harper Nichols instagram feed. She posts digital art that is inspirational and colourful. I love her carefree style and the way she pairs colour, shapes and text really reminds me of Corita Kent – one of my screen printing heroes!

This is a style I’d love to emulate, there is something so relaxed about it that contrasts with the careful pattern making I usually do. I think it could be a style I make use of in journalling, not to copy, but to be inspired by. I came across this account while following bullet journalers. I’ve been bullet journaling since the end of 2019 and have found it very useful for getting my thoughts in order and I’ve enjoyed decorating my spreads too.

I’m finding that I’m interested in making my pages less rigid and to add more colour into them. Also, a big thing for me is that I’m terrible at cursive handwriting, I just can’t do it. I could put in the practice and improve but it’s something so many other people are using, I’d rather find a way of adding interest to my journal lettering in other ways. I’m going to take inspiration from the way Morgan uses lettering in an unfussy but illustrative way when it comes to future bullet journal spreads. Photos below are of my current style!

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