Lino Printing

Lino Printing

Earlier this year I created two videos showing my method of lino printing at home using the x-cut xpress as a printing press. I’ve been lino printing for over ten years and, though it often takes a back seat to other forms of art, it’s something I always return to.

When I created this image, I planned to make one a month and though I have carved other letters since then, I haven’t yet printed them. This is a ‘J’ decorated with jasmine and juniper. My plan is to slowly make a whole alphabet with plants that start with the letter indicated. My preference is for featuring plants that can be found in the uk, either in the wild or in gardens, but I’m open to others, especially if I get stuck!

I’ve already carved ‘f’ and I’m some way through ‘m’. My progress got derailed by a change of focus in March of this year to more content that people could easily follow along at home, but as things are slowly opening up once again, I’ll return to making these lino prints.

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