Watercolour Tutorials

Watercolour Tutorials

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Previous to the start of the Covid19 crisis, I had been planning lots of work around real life events; workshops I was to lead and art fairs and exhibitions to attend. With the future of those in doubt, I turned to online content and stepped up a gear in the number and focus of videos I was providing on YouTube.

I wanted to create more content for beginners and create tutorials that people could follow along at home. I began with some drawing exercises but it was when I introduced watercolour that I began to really see people taking up the challenges, following along and posting me their results. I’ve continued making watercolour tutorials and this week’s is one in which I’m painting feathers. I also have a small giveaway on my channel this week of a set of watercolour paints and paper. I’ve really enjoyed creating these and will continue into the future.

My most recent watercolour tutorial
My most popular watercolour exercise

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