Two Pocket Leather Tool Belt

Two Pocket Leather Tool Belt

I have been doing a little more leathercraft recently, upgraded some of my tools and have been developing my skills. Recently, I worked with Dougal Black Carpentry to make a tool belt that he can use in his workshop and on site. It was made to fit all the tools he needs to have on hand and of course, to perfectly fit his measurements.

Leather moulded to fit pencils.

I used wet moulding to create pockets for pens, pencils and other tools that require a snug fit, and created a number of bucket pockets for easy access. The belt was stained with water based dye, finished with copper saddler’s rivets for added strength, was all hand sewn and the edges hand burnished. We used a vintage scout buckle to provide an easy-release mechanism that works with the vintage look of the belt. I also attached a metal loop and magnet that Dougal provided to add functionality. This was a real collaboration using all our skills and knowledge to produce something that will really suit the user.

Creating the pattern and cutting the leather for the pockets.
Pieces cut out ready for glueing and stitching.
The leather belt has not yet been stained, the pockets have!

Thank you so much for all your skill and hard work to make this toolbelt a reality. It will save me over an hour a week, not having to search for pencils, tape, knife etc. Top workmanship and tremendous value for money. Thanks again, a happy carpenter! D

Dougal Black Carpentry

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