Creative Inspiration – Carolyn Gavin

During the last couple of months I've signed up to Creativebug (it's like netflix for art!) and I've followed a number of art tutorials. I love doing these because I always learn new things and I've particularly enjoyed a 30 day series of painting by artist Carolyn Gavin. She makes the most vibrant paintings, they are so happy and perfect for summer. The thing that gets me is that I can never anticipate her paintings.…

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Creative Inspiration

I've been loving Morgan Harper Nichols instagram feed. She posts digital art that is inspirational and colourful. I love her carefree style and the way she pairs colour, shapes and text really reminds me of Corita Kent - one of my screen printing heroes! This is a style I'd love to emulate, there is something so relaxed about it that contrasts with the careful pattern making I usually do. I think it could be…

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