Painting a building with Watercolour and Pen

If you'd like to paint along with me, you can find the process for making this line and wash painting on my YouTube channel. You can see the photo I took on my phone which I used for my reference here:

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Watercolour Christmas Tree Downloadable Line Art

For Christmas 2020, I made a series of art videos on my YouTube channel. If you want to follow along with my Folk Art Christmas Tree, you can download the line art traceable image here: tree_outline.pdfDownload Not to be used for commercial purposes.

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Same inspiration, Two methods: Watercolour vs Acrylic Painting

It's been about a year since I took out my acrylic paints but I decided to challenge myself to create two mini artworks from one photo inspiration; one in watercolour and one in acrylic. Here's the photo I used, I took this on a trip to Iceland a few years ago. The sunlight threading through the clouds and illuminating the lake was simply stunning. It's no wonder that Iceland is such a magnet for photographers,…

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Two Pocket Leather Tool Belt

I have been doing a little more leathercraft recently, upgraded some of my tools and have been developing my skills. Recently, I worked with Dougal Black Carpentry to make a tool belt that he can use in his workshop and on site. It was made to fit all the tools he needs to have on hand and of course, to perfectly fit his measurements. Leather moulded to fit pencils. I used wet moulding to create…

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Crepe Paper Winter Foliage Wreath

I like to have flowers and foliage around the house but I don't have a garden to pick from and so having a steady supply of fresh flowers can be tricky. Instead, I use crepe paper to create permanent displays which I can change with the seasons. Last Christmas I made this wreath for our front door from crepe paper, wire and a twiggy wreath base. I got lots of shades of green italian crepe…

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Lino Printing

Earlier this year I created two videos showing my method of lino printing at home using the x-cut xpress as a printing press. I've been lino printing for over ten years and, though it often takes a back seat to other forms of art, it's something I always return to. When I created this image, I planned to make one a month and though I have carved other letters since then, I haven't yet printed…

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Watercolour Tutorials

Previous to the start of the Covid19 crisis, I had been planning lots of work around real life events; workshops I was to lead and art fairs and exhibitions to attend. With the future of those in doubt, I turned to online content and stepped up a gear in the number and focus of videos I was providing on YouTube. I wanted to create more content for beginners and create tutorials that people could follow…

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Letterpress Printing

A few years ago I bought an Adana 8x5 press. I was interested in trying letterpress and thought it might be good for printing small lino prints too. I've since added another smaller press, the 5x3 (the numbers indicate the printing area in inches). I use the press for bespoke printing jobs, and I've made menus, wedding invitations and business cards. I can create bespoke designs in illustrator and have them made up as photopolymer…

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DIY BoHo Cushions

I like making cushions, they're a fun project that's not to difficult and I can always find a use for them. With these, I wanted to create something that had a boho feel and started by bringing together some inspiration on Pinterest. Initially I had been thinking of printing on fabric and making the cushions from the printed fabric but I was quite taken with the texture and dimension the embroidery added to the cushions…

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Leather Tool Belt

I don't do them very often, but for special clients I make bespoke leather goods. Here's a leather tool belt I made for a woodworker friend of mine. I sent him some pieces of leather and he used the same brand that he uses to sign his woodworking projects to brand a mark in the leather. I used hardware from a vintage scout belt. And after six months, this is the same belt after it's…

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